2024 Program

The Physicians-in-Training program at VIVA and The VEINS offers a series of fellows & residents sessions designed to enhance your skill set as a vascular specialist and personal growth as an early-career professional.


• U.S. physicians in training
• Current 1st- or 2nd-year fellows in interventional radiology, cardiology, interventional cardiology, vascular medicine, or vascular surgery
• Residents in PG 1-5 vascular surgery or PG 1-5 interventional radiology

Download the Physicians-In-Training Eligibility Verification Form here.

Diagnostic radiology and general surgery fellowships are ineligible for this program.


Program participants who attend VIVA participate in the Face-Off competition, which offers the opportunity to present an interesting case or original research in a 7-minute session, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from members of the VIVA faculty. Cases should focus on the endovascular or medical treatment of peripheral vascular disease, which includes both arterial disease and venous conditions. While cases may have an open repair component, they must also include an endovascular component.

Please refer to the VIVA and VEINS agendas to ensure your case aligns with the topics that are covered during the course. Cases that are not related to content covered in VIVA/The VEINS will be returned to you. Presentations are judged on clarity, depth, originality, and interest to field.

The top three Face-Off presenters will have the opportunity to submit their case for review and publication in the Journal of Vascular Surgery Cases, Innovations, and Techniques, with submission fees paid by The VIVA Foundation.


Program participants who attend The VEINS only will participate in The VEINS display posters featuring an interesting case or novel research. Participants who attend both VIVA and The VEINS are required to compete in the Face-Off competition, and can participate in the poster display if they choose. Additional details will be available soon.

Important Deadlines

  • Scholarship portal opens July 3. The approved PowerPoint template will be available in the portal when it opens.
  • Fellows & residents must register and upload the Physicians-In-Training Eligibility Verification Form by August 7 to be eligible for a scholarship.
  • Scholarship applications, presentations on approved PowerPoint template and/or posters are due by August 21.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on August 28.

Please email Christopher Ebbe at cebbe@viva-foundation.org to receive information about future programs and to be added to our mailing list.



Winner: Camila Villacreses, MD

Runners up:
John Do, MD
Joel Ramirez, MD


Winner: Amanda Morrison, MD

Runners up:
Nallely Saldana-Ruiz, MD
Venki Ramakrishnan, MD


Winner: Daryl Goldman, MD

Runners up:
Dhara Kinariwala, MD
Raghuram Posham, MD
Brent Robertson, MD


Winner: Deanna Yamamura, DO

Runners up:
Ankeet Bhatt, MD
Eudoro Jorge Orozco, MD